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Homeowners and business owners quite commonly ask what is hydro jetting? The first thing they need to know is hydro jetting should ONLY be done by a professional experienced plumber!!  Hydro Jetting is a method used by drain and sewer cleaning specialists to clean clogged or slow sewage lines.  The hydro jetting equipment sends down high pressure water  into the lines that will usually remove blockages and buildup.  These hydro jetting systems usually use about 4000psi which does works effectively.

All main sewer lines are responsible for accumulating all of the particles of various other drains that are attached to it from your residential home, or your commercial business.  The main sewer line is also for clearing the particles in the city sewer systems or your septic tank.  If your residence or commercial business is experiencing frequent sewer backups during the use of the toilets, the showers, the sinks or any other plumbing fixture, you should call a plumber immediately.   If during heavy rainfall you have the same type of sewer backups you also need to have a professional sewer cleaning expert come out immediately.

Hydro jetting can remove sand, silt and scale buildup, as well as hair clogs, toilet paper, and other residues that clog the sewer.  Hydro jetting can completely clean pipes of residual buildup in ways that traditional sewer snaking can not.  Snaking out sewer pipes only breaks up the clogs but leaves behind buildup on the walls of the pipes.  Hydro jetting is also environmentally friendly, and no harsh chemicals are needed.

A video inspection should be done first by a plumber to determine the issue before attempting to hydro jet the line.  If tree roots are the problem, hydro jetting should cut right through them.